Find Your Sound

Find Your Sound

With the digital toolkit built for heavy metal guitarists

Amplify Your Speed & Accuracy

We’ve got 1000’s of guitar exercises made for heavy metal guitarists.
Use our online tab player to double down on your shred abilities.

Compete With The World

See how you stack up against other heavy metal guitarist’s around the world. Inspire each other and push yourself to be great.

Track Your Progress

Forge a training routine that will make other’s weep in fear at your new found shred-abilities.

Heavy Metal Guitar Tools & Resources

Gain access to our online amp, metronome, tuner, tone finder, lessons, exercises & much more.

Join Our Network Of Heavy Metal Guitarists

Create an account to join our network, it’s free, no trial period or credit card required.

Gain Access To Incredible Tools & Resources

We’ve got a huge range of tools & resources built for the sole purpose of making you best god forsaken guitarist on the planet.

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