Fretted Synth – GCBS4 Guitar Synth VST

FFretted Synth

Fretted SynthGuitar Pedal Plugins



Guitar Controlled Bass Synth.

Designed as a bass synth, can also be used for many different synth and percussion sounds.

Phase distortion oscillator, two wave selectors with eight waveforms each and modulation depth.Sub, bass and normal octaves. The envelope switch in the oscillator sends the filter envelope to the oscillator depth control Can be altered by one of sixteen different preset waveshapers

A seperate sub osc can be set equal to or one octave lower than the main oscillator and can enter the signal chain pre or post filter

  • Two filters: Moog type and Low pass. Variable envelope amount with controls for attack, decay and sustain. Velocity control affects the filter cutoff and controls the oscillator depth
  • Compressor
  • 3 band equalizer
  • Amp section with control of attack, decay and sustain. Velocity control affects the output level
  • Audio trigger section consists of only two knobs, (Gate) which sets the gates strength (Decay) which sets the gates time re-trigger. (Please read the manual) The synth may be triggered by audio or MIDI using the A|M switch in the trigger section
  •  64 presets to get you started
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