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This LePoulin pack includes 5 different guitar amp VSTs. LePoulin guitar amp VST's are generally accepted as the go to in digital guitar amps in the freeware world. The amps in this pack are as follows:

  • Hybrit
  • Le456
  • LeCto
  • LeGion
  • LeXtac


LE456 is a preamp sim roughly based on a piece of famous German gear.

LE456 has 2 channels and 2 modes per channel. Each channel/mode share the same features. Apart from the usual tone controls (drive, low, mid, high and contour), each channel/mode offers two different tone stacks that can be accessed via the focus switches. Bottom and bright switches can be used to boost the low and high frequencies respectively. On the low gain channel only (Clean/Crunch), the effectiveness of the bright switch decreases with the gain settings.


LeCto is a guitar amp simulator inspired by an American modern high gain head. This simulator has 2 channels with 3 modes on each channel. It can go from crunch (raw mode) to modern high gain (modern mode).


  • Oversampling: determines the signal oversampling; up to 8x.
  • Mono/stereo: determines the signal routing.
  • Input: controls the magnitude of the input signal.
  • Drive: controls the amount of gain.
  • Low: controls the low frequency.
  • Mid: controls the mid frequency.
  • High: controls the high frequency.
  • Presence: presence control.
  • Resonance*: controls the amount of resonance resulting from the interaction with the speaker cabinet.

* Only active on modern mode

LeCto is only an amp simulator, so you need to use a cabinet simulator.


LeGion is a high gain preamp simulator. This is an original design, it's not based on any hardware gear. The goal was to build a high gain sim that doesn't need any booster in front in order to be tight.


  • 2 channels (actually two completely different preamp circuits).
  • 2 modes on each channel - rhythm and lead.
  • 2 tone stacks assignable to any of the 2 channels.
  • The usual drive and tone controls.


LeXTAC was inspired by a Californian boutique amplifier. Features:

  • Ch 1 (Clean/Yellow): gain, bass, middle, treble, contour, power amp gain volume, 3 positions pre eq, gain boost.
  • Ch 2 & Ch 3 (Blue & Red): gain, bass, middle, treble, contour, power amp gain, volume, 3 positions pre eq, gain-structure, gain boost and plexi mode.
  • All channels have a 3-position Pre EQ switch: Normal, Bright and Brighter. The higher you set the gain control, the less effect the Pre EQ will have on the sound. All channels also have a gain boost.
  • Channel 2 & 3 (Blue & Red) have two other switches to give the user different gain/tone:
    • The Plexi channel is a lower gain channel than the normal Blue & Red ones. The plexi channel can be assigned to either Channel 2 or 3. Note: structure switch and Gain Boost switch are inactive in Plexi mode.
    • The Structure switch is an overall gain reduction switch for Channels 2 & 3. When ON (high position), both channels 2 & 3 have less gain. Obviously, when OFF (down position), the preamp will more gain.


The Poulin HyBrit Series is a collection of three plug-ins that feature a hybrid amp model based on two famous British amps. The plug-ins include a "PLS channel" that is a hybrid of the two (tweaked) channels (Normal and Treble) of the real thing. Both channels are actually processed and the mix of the two signals can be adjusted through the PLS MIX knob. Another channel, MCJ, is also a tweaked version of the real thing.

This amp simulator doesn't represent anything specifically but it does have the character of the British amp.

The three versions:

  • Preamp
  • Head
  • FullStack

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