Warwick German Pro Series Corvette $$ 5-String Bass, Nirvana Black, Swamp Ash Body, Wenge Fingerboard

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Price $2,479.00
Categories Electric Guitar
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About This Gear

Warwick Pro Series: Made in Germany This German-made Pro Series Corvette $$ is one powerful bass. The body is swamp ash, and the ovangkol neck has a wenge fingerboard. The 24 jumbo nickel-silver frets have been treated with Warwick's IFT technology, so they're all exactly where they need to be. Electronically, this bass sports two passive MEC MM-style humbuckers wired to an active MEC preamp. The sound is enormous, and it's easy to sculpt to your exact liking with some simple tweaking. Great craftsmanship and a beautiful, understated finish top everything off.

Tech Specs

  • Model: Pro Series Corvette 5 $$
  • Color: Nirvana Black
  • Body Wood: Swamp Ash

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