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Online Guitar Amp Simulator

Online Guitar Amp Simulator

This online guitar amp is best used on Mozilla Firefox. If you are having troubles getting your guitar input to work clicking this button here may help. Make sure to check you are actually getting a signal in your input too. Credit to Michel Buffa and Jerôme Lebrun for developing the amp sim and their continued efforts developing web audio technologies with the WASABI research project.


Choose a demo sample:

Monitor I/O

Input Monitor

Output Monitor


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720 Hz
-6 dB
320 Hz
-5 dB
6 Hz
720 Hz
-6 dB

DRIVE : distorsion levels

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Cabinet impulse

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Need A Hand?

The audio player isn't working

Clicking this button here should help to fix that.

My Guitar Isn't Working

You may have not accepted the microphone input permissions. Check your browser's permission to see if our domain name has been allowed to access the microphone.

You will also need to make sure you have selected the correct input for your computer. Start by making sure you are getting an input signal in your operating system before troubleshooting here.

There's a lag on my tone

You can ease that a bit by setting your audio driver to 16bit / 44.1khz however there is always going to be a delay in time from the signal running through the chain.
We are working to reduce this lag as much as possible.

I'm getting an unpleasant crackling sound

Your signal is probably clipping. This means the volume of your signal has exceeded the digital limits.
Reduce the input gain if your input signal is clipping or alternatively reduce the output gain if it is the output.

Something else not covered?

We would very much encourage you to give us feedback using the form at the bottom of the page.
We will continue working to make this as great as possible

How Can We Improve?


    Can I Plug My Guitar In?

    Yes. You must allow the microphone input which will be request on load and click on “Active Guitar Input” at the top.
    To reduce latency, make sure your audio device is set to 44.1 khz at a 16bit sample rate.

    It’s Not Working

    In some cases clicking here may fix your problem.
    Otherwise some browsers fight the permissions required to run the audio processing.
    We would recommend using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox which can be found here.

    Can I Upload My Own DI?

    Soon my child, Soon.

    Any Other Questions?

    Feel free to use the form on the left to get in touch or visit our contact page or shoot me an email directly,

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